November 25, 2008

Leximo on Social Media

Being a strong proponent for the socialization of current dictionaries, Leximo is going to have a strong presence in Social Media. Leximo will never be about us, it will always be about you, the users, as laid out in The Leximo Manifesto.

With that being said, we have set up several profiles and accounts on numerous social media sites. These sites will provide channels of communication between our users. Feel free to use these sites to provide us with feedback, praise, and comments. Or you can just use them to get to know the Leximo team.

Leximo is available on the social media sites listed at the bottom. So go ahead and get to know us.

P.S. If you're interested in being a Leximo Social Media Intern, positions are still available.

GetSatisfaction -

Twitter -

Facebook -

Friendfeed -


YouTube -

StumbleUpon - ( This is my personal SU)

Plurk -

Delicious - (My personal Delicious )

Pownce -

Jaiku - -

Social Median -

So go ahead, friend us and lets get the conversation started. :-)

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