December 7, 2008

Dancing Matt Harding - Where the Hell is Matt?

Who the hell is Dancing Matt?

Matt is a guy that traveled the world doing one thing...dancing and meeting people. And he took a camera with him. People love dancing Matt because he was able to capture the beauty of the world's different people and cultures through his journey. A beauty that we forget while living our hectic lives.

This is the very same beauty we are trying to capture with Leximo. Our vision consists of building a dictionary that features all the worlds different cultures and languages. We are passionate about achieving this goal, regardless of any obstacles that come in our way. We invite those that share our vision of a beautiful world; a world that has been hidden from our eyes, to join with us in the Leximo revolution.

If you've been under a rock the last year, here's the video again.

P.S. - Next phase of testing opens up on Tuesday, Dec. 9th. Sign up on Facebook to get your invite - Leximo's Private Beta Launch

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