December 2, 2008

Leximo is Open - 130 Invites Sent Out Today

Leximo has officially opened today and we had a rush of invite requests within the last 12 hours. I was able to sneak some people onto the invite list at the last minute.

Congratulations to the lucky 130 VIPs and we are proud to have you help Leximo out in our quest to unify the world's languages.

One thing we would like to note is that we currently only have 100,000+ words, all in English. Our goal is to have words in all languages. So we invite you to add words in all the languages you can speak. Help spread the word and tell your friends about Leximo.

If you still want an invite, I am available on Twittter. Message me and I will gladly give you an invite, with no waiting necessary.

If you're already have an invite and are feeling generous, you can invite the people currently waiting over at Mashable Invites.

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