January 5, 2009

Erin McKean: Redefining the Dictionary

Is the beloved paper dictionary doomed to extinction?

In this remarkable TED talk, leading lexicographer Erin McKean looks at the many ways today's print dictionary is poised for transformation... hint hint its Leximo, the bigger pan.

Being one of the youngest editors of an American dictionary, Erin McKean is at the leading edge of a new guard of lexicographers reshaping not just dictionaries, but our language itself.

Here is the whole video, I urge you to take sometime and watch it. To summarize the video:

Dictionary + Bigger Pan = Dictionaries Become Language


This post made it the front page of Digg. What an honor, that explains all the barrage of insightful comments being left on this post.

And as pointed out, Erin Mckean did another speech at Google. Here's that video for those that are interested.

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