January 1, 2009

A Nice Cup of Turkish Coffee

It's the ubiquitous beverage beloved the world over: coffee!

But what are the origins of this sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet beverage. According to National Geographic, coffee resulted from an Ethiopian shepherd's accidental discovery. It eventually spread to the Islamic world before being imported to Europe.

The Arabic word for coffee, "qahweh" became the Turkish "kahve," eventually becoming "caffe" in Italian. In English, it became "coffee."

What's my favorite cup of coffee? Although I start my mornings with two cups of black French Roast, I have an affinity for Turkish coffee. This is coffee you can't just pour into your Mr. Coffee. It requires special equipment and preparation. But it's actually quite easy.

Check out this Youtube video on how to brew Turkish coffee:

You can buy the special pot, a "cezve" at many Middle Eastern specialty shops and online.

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