February 9, 2009

Do You Journal?

I’ll go out on a limb and say that most avid travelers probably keep a travel journal. Depending on the time spent traveling, this may be some thoughts and itineraries scribbled into a notebook or detailed pages of experiences and memories. My journals tend to overlap in both categories. When I am busy and having a great time – little is recorded. Ironically, when nothing is happening and I have a lot of time on my hands – I end up with detailed pages that go on and on about how crappy the hostel is or what I ate for dinner.

Going back through travel journals is quite a journey in itself; I recommend it to anyone who kept their battered books. You re-live the good times (if you managed to eventually write them down) and you even think fondly of the lonely, bad times (when you wrote so many pages that now you’ll never forget them).

Here was one of my favorite journal entries from travels past. I wrote this on 5/14/06 while I was volunteering at a NGO in rural Minas Gerais. This was what happened when a friend and I went to a local soccer game:
“I truly feel the machismo* that is Brazil. I don’t know what I was thinking about Brazilian men before I came here. When we weren’t being bothered by the nasty drunkards, boys up on the top of the fence were throwing rocks and clay at us. At first I thought maybe it was the girls sitting behind us because they kept giggling. Then I realized it was the boys. I don’t know why they think it is so cute to be such assholes.”

*machismo is the Portuguese (and, I think, Spanish) word for sexism

Come visit http://lindseysbrazilblog.blogspot.com/ to see more past journal entries and post one of your own. I’m sure you guys have some funny stuff – get those old journals out and share the laughs.

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