June 30, 2009

The link between language and music, Dr. Oliver Sacks on The Daily Show

My admiration for Dr. Oliver Sacks is no secret. He was just on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night talking about the effects of music on the brain. I am thrilled that he was discussing this on mainstream TV as more people watch The Daily Show than have read his excellent book, Musicophilia. He discussed that even after a stroke, people will still remember music even if they forget language. I wonder what would happen to someone who had learned another language through music. Would he/she have a better chance of retaining their language skills after a stroke?

Watch this clip from The Daily Show:


This man is a wonderful gift to humanity.


Susanna Zaraysky was inspired by Dr. Oliver Sacks' book, Musicophilia. She realized that she learned foreign languages like music. She's written a book, Language is Music, with tips on how to learn foreign languages using music and the media. She speak seven with almost perfect accents thanks to music!

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