June 3, 2009

Writers Wanted (No experience required )

Note: No experience required.

Do you love learning new languages? Whether you do it just to learn a bad word...or because you need it for a job; maybe you're just interested in learning new things. We all learn new languages for our own reasons. I have a question for you?

Are you a self proclaimed world traveler, or do you wish you were? Do you recollect about the different cultures you've immersed yourself in? Can you envision meeting people from all over the world and sharing your unique experiences with other people as passionate as you?

Its time for your experiences to grow out of your head; let those seeds blossom and share those experiences with the rest of the world.

We are pleased to announce that we are looking for passionate writers (no experience necessary) who enjoy learning new languages and sharing their experiences around the world. If you fit the bill and don't mind writing and the exposure that comes with it, then contact info [at] leximo [dot] org with your name and why you would love to write about this topic.

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